Downsizing Made Simple 2nd Edition Ebook

Downsizing Made Simple 2nd Edition Ebook

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When you’ve lived your dreams, it’s time for new ones. The 4-bed, 2-bath home you loved … the pool you couldn’t get the kids out of … they’ve had their day.

Downsizing isn’t about living in a tiny home — unless you want to — it’s not about square metres; it’s about rightsizing your home for the next chapter in life. It’s time to make a move that takes care of you now and for the future.

Let Noel and Rachel guide you through the legal and financial maze, explain how a move can affect your lifestyle, superannuation, pension and benefits, and share some real-life stories from readers.

Whether you’re moving to a townhouse or apartment in a strata title development, considering a granny flat or tiny house with family, looking at collaborative housing with like-minded people, or making the move to a retirement community, listen to the experts, and make it your best move.

Fully updated for the 2023 - 2024 Financial Year, Downsizing Made Simple 2nd edition is the key to opening the next, right-sized door to your future.

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