Golden Rules of Wealth Ebook

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Discover forty powerful principles to building wealth in forty simple chapters.

Whether you're a sumerian grain farmer, a roman merchant, renaissance fabric trader or laptop day trader, regardless of the currency, culture, decade or even century, simple, powerful forces are at work for or against you when trying to build wealth.

Noel Whittaker has uncovered forty timeless principles of wealth accumulation and protection, presenting them along with practical examples, so you'll understand the rule of 72, how to structure assets, create a safety net and have interest work for you, rather than being a headwind.

You might think the world works differently today than any other time. But some simple principles, simple habits and easy-to-make changes can and will change the course of your life.

Take it in slowly, a chapter a day and within 40 days you'll understand all the powerful influences at play in wealth creation and importantly how to use them to your greatest advantage.