Super Made Simple Ebook 6th Edition 2024-2025

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Make Australia's superannuation system work tirelessly to your advantage with this essential guide to saving, structuring and financially thriving in retirement.

Imagine living in a country with 15% income tax, no medicare levy, and capital gains tax at just 10% - you'd betempted to move there, but you don't have to because it's possible in your postcode - and it's called Australia's Superannuation System.

Superannuation Made Simple (6th Edition) Ebook has been rewritten from the ground up, fully updated for Australia's 2024-2025 FY tax, pension and super laws and in Noel Whittaker's easy-to-follow style, you'll discover how you can use your super to provide great comfort in retirement and minimise tax while you work.

With this Ebook, you'll be able to see straight through the complexity of super. While regulations can seem confusing, the good news for most Australians is that it's pretty straightforward and Noel helps you navigate your way to wealth through all the highs and lows.

You might even start to love your super.

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